Pereat Mundus

by Mental Cruelty

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Mishiki The slam genre is plagued with tropes, and clinches, but Mental Cruelty sound original with their slower tempo, snarly vocals Favorite track: Human Evisceration.
Christopher Ancarrow
Christopher Ancarrow thumbnail
Christopher Ancarrow These guys fucking slam! This album hits hard and the vocals are exactly like I like: strong, brutal, and fast. The music is incredibly well done, each track not only has a good dose of brutality, but the ebb and flow of each track is very well produced. Favorite track: Human Evisceration.
mario_garofano thumbnail
mario_garofano I honestly look at this EP and I see extreme music perfection. The perfect balance between Slam and Downtempo Deathcore, a brutal masterpiece that I just cannot get enough of. <3
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PEREAT MUNDUS displays the purest form of Slamming Downtempo.


released November 1, 2016

Thanks to Christopher Rilling ( for making an amazing job mixing/mastering our EP!



all rights reserved


Mental Cruelty Karlsruhe, Germany

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Track Name: Oppressionis Potentia
Disfigured disdain follows the sacrifice of your blood and bones
Contorted in a cage.
Captivated in unholy torment.

No hope for a dying breed.
Pleased to death and left to decay.

Face down and pinned in pain

Fighting for the realm of death
I am the god of light
Creeping through the ashes just like rats
Reigning in my body, as I sacrifice this world to purgatory

Carve their names, in the flesh of this world,
The blood spills,
And let us drown,

Be part of the cannibalistic automutilation
The pain of skoptic

(Performed by Alex Vespremi)

The time has come to leave this devastating place
No second life,
Is ever going to bear the sins
And the lies
You slit in its skin

Pinned in the vein of humanity.
Slaughter them alive.
Track Name: Master Of The Void
The apathy I bring, the fate of your souls.
No return of force and power.
Where ever you rest,
I’m taking the light

I’m the master of light.

Fallen from the throne
Our end is near.
Darkness introduces upon the light.
I am the priest for your prayers

"Who revered god, and turned away from evil , now has become the prosector in front of the tribunal.
The enemy in peace and war carrying the star of light to the shadows of the holy throne."

"Inomine Satanas, Luciferi excelsis, in the name of Satan, ruler of the earth, king of hell, the force appears, bring the message of hell upon us.
Hail Satan. x2
Shehamforash. x2
Hail Satan“


The power of breaking necks
With his putrid gorge in my hand.

As i stare in his amaurotic eyes,
Witnessing the procession of oppression.


And let them admire the flames.

Track Name: Human Evisceration
Behind a dark wall of rotting slaves and wasted life.
I lean back while the greatness of hell was unleashed.

Risen from hell
As I opened my eyes,
And I realized that,
We're all just the abortion of god.

My soul will never rest.
Why should I left this eart?
When hell already opened its gates?

Blood spills on me.
Rust in my hands,
As i try to break out,
Of this cage

Blood spills on me,
Rust in my hands,
As i try to escape.

And nothing helps but exorcism
All the sins I have become,
They crawl upon the light.

As the light seems to become darker.
Left for agony

Doomed to kill or getting killed.
Stuck in this worlds rotten skin.
Trying to escape from the end founded on bodies of lost existence.
Doomed to killed or become the death.

As i stand on the abyss of this world.
Watching them Burn.

Look down, to the end of life.
Blood on your knees as you beg for remorse
Trapped inside the end of mankind

Pain and hate leads directly to scorn,
which is followed by death.
Human evisceration.

Oh lord please bury me with my opened eyes.

Leave this evil soul alone
Track Name: Excruciation (feat. Dennis of Gutrectomy)
My execution has now lead to this road lost hope, and one human soul.
Something overcame me I'm tortured from within.
Why has my spirit left me?

I am crowned with a plague.
Never resting misery.
And I gave my best,
But my best was not enough.

One more useless human soul completes this agony.
Now tell me when do I find my end.

I have left this road of a falsified perception.
And formed an inner conception, instead.

Made of hate.
Cataclysm of me.
Decomposed life

Poison filling up my lungs
From the hidden world of depth my end crawls apart.
The point of a spiritual abyss is reached.

At the end now one
No one can save me
From my never resting pain

Now tell god that I won't ever come back.
Track Name: Seed Of Evil
The seed of evil grows in us all.
You can never extinguish the flame of burning hate.
Doomed to eternal disdain.
Welcome this Darkness,
Spreading it's roots.
Worthless pain!
Blessed & benighted!