Human Evisceration

by Mental Cruelty

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Human Evisceration is the 2nd demo track of the upcoming album "Pereat Mundus".


Behind a wall of slaves and wasted lifes.
I lean back while the greatness of hell was unleashed.

Risen from hell
As I opened my eyes,
And I realized that
We're all just the abortion of god

My soul will never rest.
Why should I left this earth,
When hell already opened its gates?

Blood spills on me,
Rust in my hands,
As i try to break out
Of this cage

Blood spills on me,
Rust in my hands,
As i try to escape.

And nothing helps but exorcism
All the sins I have become,
They crawl upon the light.

As the light seems to become darker.
Left for agony

Doomed to kill or gettin killed.
Stuck in this worlds rotten skin.
Trying to escape from the end founded on the bodies of lost existence.

Doomed to killed or become the death.

As i stand on the abyss of this world.
Watching them Burn.

Look down, to the end of life.
Blood on your knees as you beg for remirse
Trapped inside the
End of mankind

Pain and hate leads directly to scorn
which is followed by death

Human evisceration

Oh lord please bury me with my opened eyes

Leave this soul alone


released August 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Mental Cruelty Karlsruhe, Germany

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