Sickening World Demo 2015

by Mental Cruelty

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First Demo!


released May 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Mental Cruelty Karlsruhe, Germany

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Track Name: Wrath Of The Gods
I slowly let my anger flow
We are abandoned by god
We're condemnd to rot
A chaos reigns and I'm the whore in this system
Lifeless bodies on the ground
Endless pain dwells in my mind
There is nothing more to find
You try to escape your fate but never reach this helping gate
Praying for spoken, broken lies
He is smiling when he sees your cold an bloody cries
Fear this planet and the evil he brought
Fear this planet we're all sent to rot
I predict the hate, pain and the blood
I hope you'll loose evertything you ever got


Exploited and deceived
You fucking disgust of unholy flesh
My prophet will leave an evil mess
And my pariah will destroy your world
Track Name: Delirium
You were caused by an evil feeling, a little sin
Now you destroy my soulless body from within
Being conscious is a question of time
It seems like a torture but feels like a crime

I'm not sorry for what I've done.
I'm not sorry but my life seems to be fucking gone.

Everything dies now, darkness around me.
Blackened surrounding, my veins explode
And bring all the anger in my head to see
Track Name: Sickening World
We do not fear the abyss
We hate our own

Living in the streets of a faceless society,
Filled with screams of contempt.

We do not fear the unsaid.
We are stillborn and we pray for more plagues.
Purification, cleanse the mind of the wretched.
In our darkness we're searching for light.

We can't escape our problems, they'll rest forever.
They spread out the cold death.
Everything we have is lost
Everything we did was wrong
Everything we said was false
We betrayed our gods, now this pain will last forever

We are fucked
This world is so damn dark.

Like rats we crawl among the gods.
We are born to kill and give a fuck about the rest.
Why have poisoned this earth with our blood?
Track Name: Refugee Of The Lost Freedom
This is your end

Do you wanna unleash hell?
Wanna see the world burn?
Just because you live your brainwashed fantasy

Tell me how does it feels like to drown?
To drown in the blood of thousands?
You will die in a hateful darkness
Why have you left our planet with this mess?
You rise with fire but soon you will fall with shame

Misanthropic thoughts bleeding in my mind.
Free your mind
Be the last of your fucking kind
And always remember to dust you shall return

Can you see the dead in your eyes ?
Bombing into paradise

Now its time to shame take a look at your self you're to blame
You know that time it is,
I bring fucks like you on their knees,
No more false beliefs